Welcome to the Malvern Hills Branch of the the Riding for the Disabled Association. The RDA was set up to work mainly with people with physical disabilities, although the Groups now work across the spectrum of disabilities, age range, social status and urban and rural environments. The focus of our work is to ensure that each individual has the chance to derive a direct therapeutic benefit and gives them the opportunity to learn new skills, develop self-confidence and generally add a new element to life.

Latest News

Our first session of the summer term is on 28th April. Thanks to everyone who has volunteered during the Spring term.

Please note that we are having “green card” training before the main session. All those people who have not had this formal training please attend at 1:00 pm. You should all have green cards and had the preliminary training when you first arrived. Anyone who thinks that they have not had a green card please tell us at that training.