Dressage Show 2012

First of all a huge thank you to all who were involved in making the day a success, including riders, organisers and helpers. The weather was good enough for long enough to make the day a real success.


Class 1 BD Introductory Test A (2008) – Walk & Trot Test

1st Penny Hayward (Speranza)
2nd Katherine Jones (Redback Cappuchino)
3rd Sian Maguire (All Dolled Up)
4th Gill Mundy (George)
=5th Sophie Wetherall (Rascal)
=5th Nerys Cole (Tommy)
6th Kate Bonelle (Thomas)

Best Turned Out Katherine Jones (Redback Cappuchino)

Class 2 Prel 7 (2002)

1st Katherine Jones Redback (Cappichino)
2nd Abigail (Oakes Roly)
3rd Jessica Blake (Charlotte’s Web)
4th Rachael Osborne (Lenny)
=5th Dawn Burford (Mr Bojangles)
=5th Sian Maguire (All Dolled Up)
6th Kim Shortall (Kennyoak Charles)

Best Turned Out Natalie Portman (Mo)

Class 3 Prel 12 (2005)

1st Abigail Oakes (Roly)
2nd Jessica Blake (Charlotte’s Web)
3rd Megan Bates (Holly)
4th Rachael Osborne (Lenny)
5th Margie Thorneycroft (Sole Survivor)
6th Mel Taylor (George)

Best Turned Out Megan Bates (Holly)

Class 4 Novice 28 (2008)

1st Margaret Davies (Carlin)
2nd Jessica Blake (Charlotte’s Web)
3rd Megan Bates (Holly)
4th Megan Bates (Turpin)

Best Turned Out Margaret Davies (Carlin)

Well done to all our prize winners!